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Performance, character, class and a natural sound are just some of the many expressions one might use to describe the quality of EQUINOX. What we're talking about is an integrated, 32-watt Thermionic, class A amplifier able to satisfy all the parameters needed to reproduce music in your home with the utmost fidelity.
As with all the Angstrom Research electronics, in Equinox too special attention has been paid to the separate power supply, again thermionic. The power stage has in fact been designed using five toroidal transformers in M0 which allow the creation of four, totally separate, high-voltage power supplies functioning as a triode so as to separately power the both the audio filaments of the left and right channels and of the regulators.
The pre-amplification stage is made using a SRPP (Totem-Pole) so as to give improved linearity and frequency response. The valve used is a 6H30 and the gain can be adjusted.
The output stage is composed of a Push-Pull of eight EL 84 for each channel connected to a triode and served by a single amplifier/phase shifter driver stage. The output transformers have a double C-nucleus in Mu-Metal with 50% Nickel. The counter reaction on the pilot stage is 2 dB positive and negative (mixed reaction).
The Equinox is entirely hand-made and suspension-wired using selected components of the highest quality such as Kiwame resistances on the audio stage and film condensers and coupling foils on the output stage. Despite being only 32 Watts, thanks to the current it creates, the Equinox can easily pilot even low efficiency speakers.
For those who need to save on space and connection wires without giving up on extreme quality and performance.

Power supply stage:
  • 12 diode half-wave 6AX4
  • 2 Ecc 230/6080
  • 2 5881/6L6WGC
  • 4 diode gas OA2WA
  • 2 EL 84
  • 2 EF 86
Signal Stage:
  • 2 6H30 (preamplifier)
  • 2 Ecc 82 (drivers)
  • 16 EL 84M (output)
  • 32 Watt in class A
  • Distorsion 0,5%
  • Frequency response 18Hz-100Khz
  • Input impedance 50 K ohm
  • Input sensitivity 0,75V (with Ecc82)
  • Dimensions mm: 484 width 420 depth 155 height
  • Weight: 45Kg

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